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·      ● Evolutionary seed ecology: Reproductive allocation and reproductive effort; Seed size and seed number; Maternal effects; Seed polymorphism etc.

·      ● Seed dispersal: Dispersal agent; Adaptive dispersal features of seeds; Seed predation; Prediction of seed dispersal etc.

·      ● Seed bank: Composition and dynamics of soil seed bank and aerial seed bank; Relevance of seed bank with seedling emergence etc.

·      ● Seed germination and dormancy: Ecological and ecophysiological aspects relevant to seed germination and dormancy.

·      ● Seed longevity and storage: Seed storage in the natural and artificial conditions and its effects on seed longevity.

·      ● Seed ecology, biodiversity conservation and restoration: Contributions of the knowledge in seed ecology to understanding biodiversity conservation and vegetation restoration...

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       ●   American Journal of Botany

·      ●  Annals of Botany                                ●  Arid Land Research and Management        ●  Biological Conservation  ●   Catena

·      ●  Ecological Engineering                    ●   Environmental Geology                                  ●   Plant Ecology                    ●   Land Degradation & Development

·      ●  New Phytologist                                 ●   Plant and Soil                                                   ●   Plant and Ecology            ●   Plant Biology

·      ●  Seed Science Research                  ●   Journal of Arid Environments